The ABC's to Getting Started


A.  Four Easy Steps To Get You On Your Way To Organized Desks
  1. Order the Desk Fairy Book
    Click here to order your copy of The Desk Fairy

  2. Print The Desk Fairy Letter on the More Magic page 

  3. Decide On Prize Strategy 

  4. Obtain Prizes / Tickets


B.  Introducing The Desk Fairy To Your Students
  1. Read the letter from The Desk Fairy 

  2. Read The Desk Fairy storybook 

  3. Allow the students 10 minutes to organize their desks after you read the story the first time


C.  Making The Desk Fairy Work For Your Classroom
  1. Decide what you will consider an organized desk 

    • Write it down

    • And stick to it 

  2. Just read the story to your students

    • No need to explain any further

  3. Check desks the first day and leave a prize* for the desks that meet your definition of an organized desk

  4. Read the story again the second day

    • No more free time to organize is necessary

  5. Check the desks day 2 and leave a prize for the desks that meet your definition of an organized desk 

  6. Continue to check the desks once every week or two and leave prizes for the organized desks

Teacher and Student