It Works


Connie Schnoes is a psychologist who works as a behavioral health outpatient provider. She is also the training director for predoctoral psychology interns and post doctoral psychology fellows. 

One day a first grader told a colleague he kept his desk clean because the Desk Fairy might come.

With the help of three pre-doctoral interns and one post doctoral fellow, she set out to see if the Desk Fairy really helped improve desk organization.

The first step was to write a story about the Desk Fairy. With the help of her daughters, Whitney and Morgan, the story came to life. Connie's daughter Paige agreed to illustrate the story. Click here to order your copy of The Desk Fairy

Book in hand, a team of eager Desk Fairy researchers, a willing midwestern elementary school and nearly 200 students, the first research study was conducted. In the end the team looked at more than 11,000 desks in four months.



Messy Desk


Clean Desk