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“If you're struggling with getting your child to stay in bed, the bedtime pass can be an empowering tool (for you both). By letting your child have a little more control over their bedtime, you may find you also have more control over your nighttime hours."

-Ingrid Prueher, Pediatric & Adult Sleep & Nutrition Consultant and Host of "Baby Sleep 911' Web TV Series. Posted 10.30.15 2:30 pm EDT. Updated: 11.13.15 5:59 pm EST

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The Bedtime Pass Helps Parents and Kids Skip the Sleep Struggles by: Wendy Mitman Clarke 9.18.15

Friman, Patrick C. et. al, 1999. The Bedtime Pass: An Approach to Bedtime Crying and Leaving the Room. Archives of Adolescent & Pediatric Medicine 153; 1027-1029.

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