Reinforcement Strategies


Lottery Style Reinforcement
  1. Leave tickets on desks that meet your definition
    of organized

  2. Students write their names on the tickets 

  3. Collect tickets for drawings to be held weekly or every two or three weeks

  4. Draw one or more names

  5. Have prizes to pick from available in the classroom to promote interest in earning tickets


Group Contingent Prizes
  1. Tokens delivered to all desks that meet your definition of organized

    • Marbles

    • Coins (real or play)

    • Buttons

    • Pebbles

    • Beans 

  2. All tokens collected in a jar, tin, bucket, etc.

  3. When the students reach their goal (full jar, 500 beans, etc.) hold a class party or special activity  


Individual Prizes
  1. Leave a small prizefor each desk that meets your definition of organized

    • Erasers

    • Bracelets

    • Tops

    • Trinket Toys

    • Piece of Candy

    • Piece of Gum

School Notebook
How Often Should I (The Desk Fairy) Leave Prizes?

In the original study prizes were left everyday for the first week or two. Then prizes were left 3 times a week on different days every week. After a week or two at 3 times a week, prizes were left 2 times per week, then 1 time per week and finally 1 time every two weeks. The data showed that leaving a prize 1 time every two weeks worked as well as leaving prizes everyday. 


I would recommend starting out with leaving prizes/tokens (whatever you choose) 2-3 times per week to generate interest and reinforce those students who work to get organized. I would then decrease the frequency to 1 time every week or two. If you choose to use tokens you might leave them more often.


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