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Organized Desks Just One Short Story Away

Kids of All Ages (K-6) Like the Desk Fairy

SHHHH!! The secret of the Desk Fairy is what makes her work!

Students Love the Desk Fairy...

"Dear Desk Fairy, Thanks for the prize."

-1st grade student

"Dear Desk Fairy, I want to thank you for the letter the other day. I also was wondering if maybey (sic) you can tell me who's (sic) desk you think is the cleanest. F.Y.I. I love contests. Again Thank You! P.S. Please again, write back so I know you got this. From the neat freak Amanda"

-4th grade student

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The Desk Fairy book

Teachers Love the Desk Fairy...

"I didn't think 6th graders would care about the Desk Fairy, But, they really do even though they know there really isn't a fairy."

-6th grade teacher

"I read the story to my students at 2:15. My students are all furiously cleaning desks!!!"

-4th grade teacher

"Thank you very much for the Desk Fairy. It certainly made a difference!"

-4th grade teacher

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